Lecture Series Pharma and Food (580006 SE)

In this summer term (S2022), we are offering a selection of exciting lectures given by international and local experts in pharmacy, the food sciences and related fields.

Most of the units will be held on-site in lecture room 5 (HS5) of UZA2, Thursdays at 17.15 h. A table with an overview of all lectures is provided below.

For additional information see the u:find page and for course materials see the moodle page of this lecture series.

DateLocationLecturerLecture titleHost

online (Zoom) 

Prof. Dr. Xavier Barril, University of Barcelona, SpainRobustness of protein-ligand complexes: Applications in structure-based virtual screeningChristoph Rademacher

HS 5

Prof. Dr. Alexandre Varnek, Université de Strasbourg, FranceChemography concept in chemical space analysisThierry Langer
HS 5Prof. Dr. Petrine Wellendorph, University of Copenhagen, DenmarkIdentification of the long-sought GHB high-affinity binding site in the mammalian brainMargot Ernst and Konstantina Bampali (MedUni Wien; MolTag)



Prof. Dr. Laura Solt, Scripps Institute, Florida, USALigand-dependent regulation of nuclear receptors in inflammationPatrik Schwarz, Alexander Perhal, Verena Dirsch



Dr. Christoph Bauer, AstraZeneca, SwedenChemical modelling in the pharmaceutical industryJohannes Kirchmair
07.04.22HS 5 and online
Prof. Dr. Francesca Grisoni, Eindhoven University of Technology, NetherlandsMachine learning approaches for early drug discoveryJohannes Kirchmair
12.05.22online (Zoom)Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bauer, Karl Franzens Universität Graz, AustriaThe relevance of gut microbiota for the activity of herbal productsSabine Glasl-Tazreiter
19.05.22HS 5Prof. Dr. Daniel Werz, Universität Braunschweig, GermanyTailor-made sugars: From restricted conformational freedom to fluorescent carbohydratesNina Schützenmeister
02.06.22HS 5Prof. Dr. Christian Griesinger, MPI Göttingen, GermanyFrom chemistry and biophysics to clinical trials on neurodegenerationNina Schützenmeister, Julien Orts, Christoph Rademacher
09.06.22HS 5Prof. Dr. Gerd Bendas, University of Bonn, GermanyInsight into chemoresistance of tumor cells: Novel molecular targets for sensitizationFlorian Kopp
23.06.22HS 5Prof. Dr. Alexa Klettner, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, GermanyPotential of marine polysaccharides for medical applicationMarietta Zille