The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to be recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in pharmaceutical research and education. We promote the discovery, development, and appropriate use of medications for the welfare and the safety of the public.

The range of topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences aims at the identification and the characterisation of both new biologically active natural products and synthetic drugs and at understanding of their interactions with human targets on a molecular level using in silico, in vitro, and in vivo models.

Based on this knowledge, new lead compounds and disease relevant targets are investigated and delivery systems for pharmaceutical active ingredients are developed.

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To reduce our environmental impact, we joined Green Labs Austria to support a more sustainable research. Recycling plastic materials from the labs and reducing organic solvents are our main strategies to make our research more green.


Olga Sekurova et al. altered DNA polymerase of the model strain Streptomyces lividans to affect DNA replication fidelity. In the strain with such altered polymerase, the mutations arise almost 1000 times as frequently as in the original bacterium.


An exciting online seminar as part of the Lecture Series Pharma and Food, by Judith M. Rollinger, Ulrike Grienke, Benjamin Kirchweger and Andreas Wasilewicz, University of Vienna, Austria


An exciting online seminar as part of the Lecture Series Pharma and Food, by Andreas Schinkovitz, Université d'Angers, France.


How do molecules enter our organs and cells? Why do some of us take up certain molecules more easily than others? The REsolution consortium studies the differences in the genetic makeup. The Pharmacoinformatics Research Group, led by Gerhard Ecker, is one of the consortium partners.


An international team of researchers is investigating the role of micro- and nanoplastics for human health in the EU project "Imptox". On board is Lea Ann Dailey from the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmacy.

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