The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to be recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in pharmaceutical research and education. We promote the discovery, development, and appropriate use of medications for the welfare and the safety of the public.

The range of topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences aims at the identification and the characterisation of both new biologically active natural products and synthetic drugs and at understanding of their interactions with human targets on a molecular level using in silico, in vitro, and in vivo models.

Based on this knowledge, new lead compounds and disease relevant targets are investigated and delivery systems for pharmaceutical active ingredients are developed.

 News & Events

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The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences announces the new Lecture Series Pharma and Food (580006-1 SE) with focus on COVID-19. Starting from 11 March 2021, exciting contributions from international and local experts will be streamed online Thursdays at 17:15 h.


On the occasion of International Women’s Day we celebrate female scientists with a film screening and two panel discussions. We invite you to get to know both Austrian and Canadian scientists and explore with us challenges women face on their way to success. Special guest Hon. Kirsty Duncan, former Canadian Minister of Science.


As of today, the four pharmaceutical Departments become Divisions and are now united in the new Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, and Pharmacology & Toxicology.


Christoph Rademacher, Professor of Molecular Drug Targeting at the University of Vienna, is researching new methods that can be used to vaccinate more efficiently and painlessly. He and Günther Mayr, head of ORF's science editorial department, discuss this new technology and much more.


Inwieweit Urolithin A und andere Naturstoffe den Stoffwechsel von Makrophagen beeinflussen, untersucht Elke Heiß in ihrem aktuellen FWF-Projekt "'Metabolische Immunmodulation durch Naturstoffe".


Am Montag, 18. Jänner 2021, 18 Uhr, können Sie mit Forscher*innen der Universität Wien und Expert*innen aus der Praxis diskutieren, welchen Entwicklungen sie zur Bekämpfung von COVID-19 Chancen geben. Ein Impulsreferat von Biochemiker Norbert Bischofberger, CEO und Präsident von Kronos Bio.

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