Mission Statement

The Vienna Faculty Center of Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to be recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in pharmaceutical research and education. We promote the discovery, development, and appropriate use of medications for the welfare and the safety of the public.

The range of topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences aims at the identification and the characterization of both new biologically active natural products and synthetic drugs and at understanding of their interactions with human targets on a molecular level using in silico, in vitro, and in vivo models.

Based on this knowledge, new lead compounds and disease relevant targets are investigated and delivery systems for pharmaceutical active ingredients are developed.

Different aspects of this range of topics have been defined as research focus like Drug Discovery from Nature, Computational Life Sciences and Nutrition-associated Molecular Mechanisms of Ageing and are represented e.g. in the doctoral program Molecular Drug Targets.

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The Center of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry proudly announce that Ass.-Prof. Dr. Vittorio Pace has been appointed to the Chair of Organic Chemistry at University of Torino, Italy. He is now the youngest full professor in chemistry in Italy and starts his new position with March 2, 2020. We all are grateful for his dedicated and excellent contributions to science in Vienna, and wish him all the best for his future career.


Pharma and Food - Lecture Series

03.10.2019 - 16.01.2020


Pharma and Food - Lecture Series

07.03. - 27.06.2019


Transporterproteine stehen im Mittelpunkt des hochkarätig besetzten internationalen EU-Projekts "RESOLUTE", an dem mit einer Projektgruppe um Gerhard F. Ecker (Department für Pharmazeutische Chemie) auch die Universität Wien beteiligt ist.


Serena Monticelli successfully passed her defensio for her PhD thesis entitled ‘α-Substituted (Chiral) Organometallic Species in Medicinal Chemistry: Design and Development of Fluoro- and Halomethylation Strategies with Emphasis to Sustainability Aspects’. Supervisor: Thierry Langer


This year's laureates, Frances Arnold, George Smith and Gregory Winter, were awarded for their achievements in the artificial evolution of molecules.

uni:view invited Christian F. W. Becker (Head of Department of Biological Chemistry) for an interview.

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